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The Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is currently winding down operations. We are transferring our assets to End Gun Violence Michigan, a growing statewide organization that demonstrated its effectiveness in working for the enactment of gun safety laws in 2023.

Please read the statement below.
Thank you for your interest and support over the years!

A message from MCPGV:

As supporters of MI Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence and people interested in addressing the problems of gun violence, we want to inform you of an important decision made regarding our organization. Thanks to your efforts and that of other Michiganders, we can finally celebrate the enactment of the three Michigan gun-safety laws that Gov. Whitmer highlighted in her State of the State speech:

In addition, news reports indicate that the State Capitol Commission is moving toward prohibiting civilian-carried firearms at the state capitol.  

We remain hopeful that the legislature and the governor will work to enact additional gun-safety laws such as those that have passed in other states, including waiting periods, raised minimum ages for gun purchases, and a pathway to sue gun manufacturers for their actions that facilitate acquisition of guns by minors and those known to pose dangers to society.

As we celebrated Michigan’s progress, we also evaluated our potential role in future efforts. We concluded that, due to our small volunteer team and to the number of larger gun violence prevention groups thriving in Michigan, the MCPGV has served its purpose over the past decade. Thus, we are writing today to inform you that we are winding down operations at the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.  

The MCPGV Board of Directors has decided to transfer our assets to a fund that will benefit the work of End Gun Violence Michigan, a group with goals and a coalition-based organization much like our own. They differ from us in their greater resources and employment of an experienced executive director. Our operations will cease in the next few months. Rest assured, all contributions that we have received will continue to be used to promote gun safety and reduce the risks and harms of gun violence. If you have questions about this transition, please feel free to contact us.

...we remain hopeful additional gun-safety laws will be enacted.