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On September 7: “Die-In” to Save Lives

Join us in welcoming the Michigan House of Representatives back to their fall session with a very strong statement: the people of Michigan have had enough gun violence and we expect the House to move on critically important legislation to keep our kids and communities safe.

Know what gun laws have changed in Michigan??? It is now easier to get a weapon than it was when these Representatives started this term.

These people are supposed to represent us. On September 7, we’re going to represent for them — through a “die-in” — what the 91 deaths from gun violence every single day in this country looks like.

On September 7, at 12:20PM, we’ll gather at the Capitol and lay down on the sidewalk to make a powerful statement. Unlike those who die from gun violence, we’ll be able to return to our families and communities, and continue to be a voice for stronger gun laws. Bring signs like:  “Enough is Enough,” “Not ONE More,”  “Background Checks Save Lives,” “Judiciary, Give Us a HEARING,” and “Ban the ASSAULT weapon.”

Join us at 12:20pm on the corner of Ottawa and Capitol, and make them walk over us — the same way they have walked over the will of the people who want gun violence to stop in our communities. RSVP here.

Thank you in advance for participating in this important action.


Linda Brundage, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence