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Every. Other. Day.

Thats how often a child dies from an accidental shooting at the hands of other children or adults. USA TODAY and AP conducted a study that revealed that the number of children killed from unintentional shootings are grossly underreported. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2014, 74 minors died from accidental shootings. AP and USA TODAY accounted 113 deaths, suggesting that the government missed one-third of the cases.

  • Here is what else they found: :
    Deaths and injuries spike for children under 5, with 3-year-olds the most common shooters and victims among young children.
  • Nearly 90 3-year-olds were killed or injured in the shootings, the vast majority of which were self-inflicted.
  • These shootings most often happen at the children’s homes, with handguns legally owned by adults for self-protection. They are more likely to occur on weekends or around holidays such as Christmas.
  • States in the Deep South, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, are among those with the highest per capita rates of accidental shootings involving minors.

Children are curious, and as parents we need to do everything in our power to protect them. This type tragedy is 100% preventable. If you have guns: lock them, keep them in a password protected safe and place them in spaces where children won’t have easy access. If you don’t, teach your children what to do if they are ever around a gun while visiting a friends house. We can’t bear to lose another children to senseless and preventable violence.

Not one more.

The read the report in it’s entirety, click HERE.