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Extreme Risk Protection Order- What you need to know.

ERPO legislation can save lives. We must act now.

EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDERS will allow families and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily suspend a person’s access to firearms if there is documented evidence that an individual is threatening harm to themselves or others by way of dangerous mental illness or a high risk of violent behavior.

The person subject to that order must surrender their guns to police and will not be able to buy, sell, or possess other firearms for up to one year.

We are not anti-gun – we are anti-gun violence. These bills will empower law enforcement and family members to prevent gun tragedies by giving them the tools they need to keep themselves and their families safe by providing them with legal recourse to limit access.”

– Rep. Robert Wittenberg

Exciting News in MI!

Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation has been introduced in both the house and senate. Our EPIC MRA poll proves that 71% of Michiganders support ERPO! Please contact Representative Graham Filler, Chair of Judiciary and tell him to hold a hearing on these life saving bills.

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