The news reports appear every day. More shootings. More heartache. More silence and inaction from those legislators who block consideration and discussion of statutory initiatives that might reduce risk and harm. It is easy to feel numb and bereft of hope when following developments affecting the issue of gun violence.   […]

Learning, Worrying, and Wondering ‘What If?’ While Reading the News

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Note: Gun violence prevention requires attention to a variety of underlying issues and problems. Suicide, in particular, represents a major component of harm from firearms. In typical years, two-thirds of gun deaths are from suicide. We are pleased that an early-career scholar at Michigan State University has shared with our […]

Suicide and Firearms among American Youth: Two Problems Intrinsically Linked

A news report recently presented this disturbing headline: “There Were At Least 11 Mass Shootings Across the US This Weekend” (Silverman, 2021).  Critics often express concern that the news media’s attention to such events distorts our understanding of gun violence in the United States.  Indeed, if one were to view […]

Looking for Lessons Within Reports of Multiple Mass Shootings

Boulder.  Indianapolis.  Austin.  The list of cities with publicized mass shootings grows with disturbing frequency.  We notice—momentarily.  We mourn—momentarily.  And then the next event happens.  Much like new email messages pushing prior messages out of view in our inboxes, each publicized shooting risks obscuring our focus and memory with respect […]

Looking for Insight Amid Repetitive Reports of Gloomy News

Scholars who study public policy focus on the stages of the processes for developing laws and policies to address society’s problems. Such policy-process stages include “problem definition” and “formulation” of the wording for new laws. These two stages can pose challenges. Ideally, we would like to achieve a consensus concerning […]

Every “Oh No, Not Again!” Is a Call for Legislative ...