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Why Get Involved?

The Michigan Coalition has been hard at work collecting research about why we should all start working together to prevent gun violence not only in Michigan, but across the country. Therefore, we gathered statistics from February 1, 2018 to February 28, 2018 regarding accidental shootings of children ages 0-17 from the Children’s Firearm Alliance National Incident Database.

  • 12 year old brings a gun to her middle school and accidentally shoots and injures 4 students ages 11-15. (CA)
  • 12 year old was playing with an unsecured loaded gun and unintentionally shot his 15 year old sister. (MI)
  • 5 year old gained access to a loaded handgun in his home and fatally shot himself. (AL)
  • 15 year old went outside to shoot at animals getting into the trash and unintentionally killed himself. (FL)
  • 3 year old picked up father’s unsecured handgun and shot her 8 year old brother. (GA)
  • 8 year old was playing with a gun when a 16 year old tried to take it away; gun discharged injuring both. (AL)
  • Teens (unknown age) were playing with a gun that accidentally discharged injuring a 17 year old friend. (TX)
  • 15 year old was showing off a stolen gun when it discharged and injured a 13 year old. (LA)
  • 13 year old teens were playing with a gun when it unintentionally discharged shooting one. (OH)
  • 15 year old was playing with a gun when it discharged hitting and injuring his 14 year old friend. (TN)
  • 4 year old found a gun in his home and unintentionally shot and killed himself. (AL)
  • 16 year old shot himself while cleaning a gun at his home. (OK)
  • 11 year old shot his 6 year old sister with an unlocked, loaded gun he found in his parent’s room. (KY)
  • Juvenile (unknown age) shot another juvenile at his home. (TN)
  • 16 year old shot himself while cleaning a shotgun in his home. (OK)
  • Teen (unknown age) unintentionally shot a teen friend when the gun they were handling discharged. (IN)

Totals: 3 KILLED, 17 INJURED

20 unnecessary hospital visits. 17 children with potentially lifelong injuries. 3 devasting funerals. Help stop this now.