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Who We Are

The Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence (MCPGV) is an affiliate of States United to Prevent Gun Violence, a national non-profit organization focused on supporting state-based gun violence prevention programs. MCPGV and its partners work collaboratively to prevent gun violence through community education and beneficial gun policies.

What We Stand For

Americans are entitled to be safe in our homes, schools, and communities and to live in a country free from the fear, loss, and grief caused by gun violence. MCPGV, its umbrella organization, States United, and its grassroots affiliates are unified in a state-by-state and national effort to:

  • Make all Americans safer: use background checks on all gun purchases to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves and others
  • Keep women and children safer by keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers
  • Protect families by demanding that gun-owners take responsibility and keep guns in the home locked, unloaded & safely stored
  • Educate parents and children to talk about the risk and dangers of gun violence in the home and on our streets
  • Reduce the risk of mass shootings by limiting the types of weapons available for ownership by the public
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What We Do

MCPGV seeks to educate the public about:

  • Research-based information about the problem of gun violence
  • Evidence-based policies that increase public health and safety while respecting the legal meaning of the Second Amendment
  • Beneficial policy proposals for:
    • Universal background checks for all firearm purchases
    • Schools “gun free zones”
    • Extreme risk protection orders
    • Limits on military style weapons/ high capacity ammunition clips
    • Child Access Prevention policies and programs to ensure that our children are safe both at home and in the wider community

MCPGV does this work by:

  • Educating the community about gun violence issues and current gun-related legislation
  • Organizing local action to highlight the impact of gun violence on the community
  • Communicating effectively with community leaders, the public and the media
  • Contributing fact-based input to local elected representatives and members of Congress about beneficial gun policies