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gun legistlation

A Monumental Day for Law and Policy on Guns

June 23, 2022. A date that will live in history—and perhaps infamy—for gun law and policy. One development was expected. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to expand the Second Amendment to include a right to carry firearms outside of one’s home. The other development would have been completely unexpected prior to the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting. Namely, the U.S. Senate enacting a bill with very modest new regulations concerning firearms.

End Gun Violence

A (Possible) Step Forward. Yet, Not Enough Progress As Opponents Push Ahead

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators, including have issued a statement of agreement concerning proposals related to gun violence. The signees included 10 Republican senators meaning that these proposals can overcome the usual blockade by the filibuster if there is agreement on the language of proposed legislation.

The Price of Easy Firearms Access and the Path Ahead

There were 10 mass shootings around the country over the weekend. TEN! And these shootings reinforced our recognition of the kinds of harms that threaten us in a society with easy access to firearms and an overabundant supply of guns in civilian hands.

Dangers and Our Democracy

Even in a time of war and economic troubles, eye-opening news stories about gun violence still continuously present themselves for our consideration. Do we let the implications of these events challenge our thinking?