Gun Violence

On Monday, the Michigan State Capitol Commission voted unanimously to support a limited prohibition on citizen-carried firearms inside the state Capitol.  It had appeared that the majority of commissioners wanted to leave any action on this issue to the legislature. However, the legislature never acted in 2020 and the terrorist […]

The Michigan State Capitol Commission’s Modest “First Step”

In recent days, the nation’s attention has been appropriately drawn to an important election.  As the dust settles in the aftermath of that partisan battle, we need to return Michiganders’ attention to an important nonpartisan issue:  prohibiting firearms at our state’s Capitol in any hands other than those of law […]

Guns at the Capitol: Setting the Default Switch Toward Risk ...

Two unexpected events have captured my attention in recent days. First, national news reports, including police video, depict officers taking Brad Parscale into custody. Until recently, Parscale was President Trump’s campaign manager before he was moved to a different campaign position. According to those reports, Parscale’s wife said her husband […]

Dreading the Unexpected and Pondering Possibilities for Prevention