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school shooting

Moving Forward

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Those of us at MSU, as well as huge numbers of people across Michigan and the nation, are still coping with last week’s tragic shooting

Reflections on MSU and the Aftermath

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We need to learn lessons and draw inspiration from this week’s horrific event at MSU. The victimization imposed by this event ranges across the state, affecting all of the families of MSU students and staff as well parents and students at other institutions who are reminded of their vulnerability to gun violence.

MSU Shootings

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The shootings at Michigan State University serve as another sobering reminder that gun violence is not something that happens to “other people.” Gun violence is all around us

The Price of Easy Firearms Access and the Path Ahead

There were 10 mass shootings around the country over the weekend. TEN! And these shootings reinforced our recognition of the kinds of harms that threaten us in a society with easy access to firearms and an overabundant supply of guns in civilian hands.

The Year in…Review or Preview?

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In Michigan, the tragic school shooting in Oxford is fresh in our minds and makes it painful to look back four weeks, let alone twelve months. Even if we push our gaze farther into the past, there is little to see that should make us feel satisfied.

Guns and Schools

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How do we want children to view their time at school? Metal detectors, police officers in the hallways, and frequent “active shooter” emergency drills pose risks for students’ educational experiences. What are the consequences for learning when we constantly remind students that schools are places for feeling afraid rather than places for cultivating enthusiasm about learning?